Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doritos Commercial - Paranormal Investigators (VIDEO)

Doritos is having a competition called "Crash The Superbowl". Doritos chooses a top six out of all the publicly-submitted 30-second spots. These six move on to voting, and the top three that win the votes are shown at the Superbowl.

This was put together over 3 days of filming in two locations (in Salem and Beverly). The original script had more lines and plot but needed to be edited down to its essentials to have it fit in a 30 second spot. Chris Peters (and David Ells/In The Car Media) did the major coordinating for this. Here's the link to it directly on the site (where comments & other videos can be viewed).


  1. your food related comedy skills are marketable alone

  2. Another gratuitous BRO-related comment (catching up Come dyC).

  3. Thank you and compliment accepted Steve, however sheathed