Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Situation's Changed: In The Car Media Video

Upped on Funny or Die Here...
Our submission for the 48 Hour Film Project. All writing, shooting and editing had to take place within 48 hours. The criteria was:

Character: Mary Quinzani, 2nd in command
Prop: a magnet
Line: "Yes. I mean, I hope so."
Genre: Detective/Cop
Cast: Dan Stevens, Brett Johnson, Audrey Claire Johnson, Tim Lewis
Crew: Ed Rand, Jessica Sullivan, Phil Nichols, Pink Brian
Director: David Ells; Written by Brett Johnson, Phil Nichols, and the above collaborators


This project was awesome to work on and am very pleased with how good it came out. I had written a comedy sketch called "The Interrogation" a couple of months before, and when we were given the genre of Detective/Cop we came to realize parts of that could be incorporated. Dave (Ells) was the real sculptor of this - we turn in good performances and he applies his surgeon/editors knife and out comes a beautiful High Definition baby. (As cinematograper/filmer as well, he played the role of the mother and surgeon, carrying the video camera in his womb for nine months).