Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lesser-known Failed Assassination Attempts: Mick Jagger

In 2008, it was revealed that members of the Hells Angels had plotted to murder Jagger in 1975. They were angered by Jagger's public blaming of the Hells Angels, who had been hired to provide "security" at the Altamont Free Concert in December 1969, for much of the crowd violence at the event. The conspirators reportedly used a boat to approach a residence where Jagger was staying on Long Island, New York; the plot failed when the boat was nearly sunk by a storm."

Guys, you're Hells Angels! You shouldn't leave your bikes, period, especially if you're gonna try to kill somebody. And, decided to take to the seven seas? It's hard enough for you to use your own legs more than 100 yards, much less having 120 MPH winds and The Perfect Storm to deal with. 

You could've lost somebody if the boat sunk, you understand me? What then? You wanna ride your in your tandem bike without somebody in it with ya? Get laughed at?

<- Hells Angels France jacket. Masterfully stitched, I'm sure. Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Kind of like the Spanish Armada. But a little more... anticlimactic?