Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God Talk (part 2)

God Talk, Part 2 - Stanley Fish builds on his previous post and responds to commenters.

"By the same analysis, simple reporting is never simple and common observation is an achievement of history and tradition, not the result of just having eyes. And while there surely are facts, there are no facts (at least not ones we as human beings have access to) that simply declare themselves to the chainless minds Hitchens promises us if we will only cast aside the blinders of religion.

Indeed, there are no chainless minds, and it’s a good thing, too. A chainless mind would be a mind not hostage to or fettered by any pre-conceptions, a mind that was free to go its own way. But how could you go any way if you are not anywhere, if you are not planted in some restricted location in relation to which the directions “here,” “there” and “elsewhere” have a sense?"

(click for large - taken at St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, NM)


  1. Thanks for the link to Stanley Fish, which led to an equally brain-nourishing piece by Paul Campos.

  2. I am happy to have been a provisioner!